Antipasto solandro, rustic appetizer, a variety of salamis and cheese with bitter-sweet vegetables and other delicacies       €.  20

Antipasto dell’Artista, pickled minced beef tartare, ham mountain, cheese and reduction of cranberry     €.  16

Filetto di salmerino, smoked char fillet with bread, butter and cranberry           €.  17




Risotto al Teroldego,  rice with red wine      €.  14

Schlutzkrapfen, potatoes ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese  flave               €.  14

Tortelloni di coregone,  ravioli filled lake whitefish Kaiser pears and cocoa beabs            €.  14

Violette, ravioli with purple potatoes and crispy smoked ham                            €.   14

Spätzle alla tirolese, typical tirol style dish, small flour dumplings with cream, smoked ham and mushrooms          €. 14

Gnocchi di patate all’austroungarica, homemade polenta gnocchi with butter, prunes, apricots  and cinnamon      €.  14

Canederli, typical tirol dish, large bread dumplings spinach in cheese fondue   €.  14


DISH OF TRADITION ( generous plate)

Stinco di maiale al forno, shin of pork oven cooked      €.  20                                                                                

Bocconcini di baccalà al forno, salt cod with apple, salad of cabbage and polenta     €.  21   

Polenta di Storo, polenta with melted cheese and mushrooms        €.   19

Gerostel, meat pie and potatoes with cabbage         €.   19

Pollo in Cascina, 1/2bakedchickenwith potatoes and rosti      €.   19

Bocconcini di cervo, morsel of venison deer with mushrooms and polenta      €.   22



Goulash, goulash with polenta e large bread dumplings                    €.   21

Piatto del contadino: polenta potato, rosti, smoked shin of pork, sausage and sauerkraut    €.   22

Piatto tirolese, typical tirol dish: typical smoked ham from the Alto Adige, paper-thin slices of pickled beef, grilled cheese, würstel sausage, grilled bacon, potato croquette, smoked sausage, polenta (corn-meal porridge) and beans                 €.   22


Lo strudel di mele con il gelato, apple strudel with ice cream                       €.    7

Le frittelle di mele alla cannella, apple fritters with cinnamon and honey           €.   7

Il gelato con salsa calda di mirtillo, ice cream with warm sauce blueberries                         €.   7

Il cestino di frolla, short pastry basket with  candied pears  with white chocolate and icecream    €.  7

La renetta, apple pie and cinnamon crumble                €.   7

La torta Linzer, the Linzer cake with cranberry and currant jam, hazelnuts and cinnamon        €. 7

La saracena, buckwheat and cranberry pie           €.   7                                                 

La piccola Sacher, chocolate cake                      €.   7

Dedicato a Tina: soft pistachio semifreddo               €.   7

Gelato “spiritoso”, ice cream with raisins in alcohol                   €.   5

Salame al cioccolato, sweet chocolate salami                           €.    5

Sorbetto alla mela verde, green apple sorbet with apple brandy          €.    5

Sorbetto alla pera, pear sorbet with Williams pear brandy                €.   5



Acqua gasata, bottled sparkling water l.0,75               €. 3

Acqua naturale in brocca, home still water l,00          €.   0.5

Coca cola, Fanta, Sprite l. 0,33         €.   3

Succo di mela,  apple juice, a glass  €. 1.5, 1/4 liter  €. 2.5, 1/2 liter   €. 5., 1 liter    €. 10 

Vino della casa,  home wine red o white 1 liter  €. 12, 1/2 liter  €. 6,  1/4 liter   €. 3

Birra Artigianale Weizen, craft beer style Weizen  bottled l. 0,75        €.  10

Birra Artigianale Grün, craft beer style Kölsch  bottled l. 0,33  €. 4,    l. 0,75   €.  11

Birra Artigianale Ocra, craft beer  style Saison bottled  l. 0,75   €.  12  

Birra Artigianale Granata, craft beer style Dark Strong  Ale bottled l. 0,33   €.  5,  l. 0,75   €.  12

Caffè espresso, espresso coffee decaf and barley       €.  2

Grappa, distilled drinks        €.   4

Whisky invecchiati, old whiskeys     €.  5

Amari, bitters liquers         €.  3

Nicolaska, typical Germany digestive with brandy “Asbach”, lemon, coffee and sugar    €.  3


Including service and cover

Enjoy your food!!!